Sunday, 10 June 2012



besok bermulanya sesi persekolahan, setelah kami bercuti selama 2 minggu, 2 minggu ni banyak kejadian yang berlaku, peristiwa pahit dan juga peristowa manis, how i wish that i can turn everything so that everyone can be happy, why must all of this happen again and again, i just can't stand here and watch everything destroy by that evil, it's just no fair for me and everyone. how could you destroy my happiness. hello!! this is my life, so stay out of it, you're just make me sick.


just don't know when this gonna end, and how it's will end, am i too cruel or something?? don't force me to do something that can be worst, you just don't get me don't you?? just stop hurting someone feelings, because you just don't have right to do so, who are you to hurt someone feelings?? 

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