Sunday, 21 August 2011



tekanan emosi
salah satu penyakit kemuraungan
korang jangan sampai kene tekanan emosi tau

masa korang kene tu
korang tak akan sedar apa yang korang fikir dan buat
banyak idea yang merepek and merbahaya akan terkeluar

masa kene tu
you will cry all day long
you will keep blaming yourself
you will keep asking why did this happen
you will lost control
no one can't stop
you will stay silent
and blaming your friends 
who tried to help you

you will leave your friends
you will hurt your friends feeling
you will make your friends cry

after you fully recovered
only the you will realised all that
it's so true

you will cry when you say sorry to them
you will regret it
because only after that you will know 
what the meaning of friendship

true friends will never ever leave 
no matter what happen
like my girls
they always support me
i love them so much
i feel so lucky to have them by my side

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